Visit vibrant city of Toronto – ranked 4th most liveable city in the world


A trip to Canada would not be the same without visiting Toronto. This vibrant city offers various tourist attractions throughout all year. It is eclectic mixture of old historic part of town with dazzling modern structures creating a combination which is most unlikely to encounter in any other place in the world.

Beauty of Victorian-style buildings at an old distillery

For those who are much into the spirit of history and tradition we recommend to visit unique part of town, the Distillery District. Buildings and streets built in Victorian era are now a perfect setting for posh boutiques, high-end restaurants and famous art galleries. Could anybody imagine better setting for vintage shopping or lazy afternoon in the city? If you want to feel like a 19th century aristocrat, this is a must-see destination. Another popular attractions include Toronto Zoo, Edward’s Gardens or Toronto Island Park.

If the beauty of historic part of the city does not appeal to your senses, try Edge Walk

However, for those Canada tourists who would like to spend more time in the modern part of the town, Toronto has something to satisfy the taste of all thrill-seekers. Forget boring tips to observation areas enabling you to shoot photos of picturesque city panoramas. If you want to do it the exciting way, do not miss CN Tower, one of the city’s most iconic places offering the option of “Edge Walk”. Sounds trilling? Perhaps it would be fair to mention that this attraction involves hands-free walk around the circumference of the roof at an elevation of 365 metres (and you need to be aware that this is the tallest structure on the western hemisphere)!

The capital of Canada

Toronto is a must see when travelling to Canada. The city offers many attractions, it is full of colours, life, festivals and parades. With its welcoming and warm atmosphere it is well known among the visitors coming to Canada from all over the world.

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