Visit world’s most liveable cities and indulge yourself into various attractions!


Since few years, Canada’s cities make it to the top list of the world’s most liveable cities. In 2015 three of them were included in the Global Liveability Ranking – Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary (3rd, 4th and 5th position). If you want to know what makes this cities co special and unique that they won global ranking, visit Canada today!

Why visit Vancouver?

Vancouver belongs to one of the most culturally diverse cities of Canada. With its picturesque views, well-thought infrastructure, amazing city layout and beautiful nature it offers various tourist attractions, namely: breathtakingly situated Capilano Suspension Bride, over 50 000 fascinating species of sea animals which can be seen in Vancouver Aquarium, the option of fight stimulation which enables to see Canada the whole new way thanks to astonishing inventions of modern technology or Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours, which may be perfect for those who like doing sightseeing the traditional way.

What else?

If that is not enough, you may always visit recognisable Vancouver Art Gallery, which is highly-acclaimed for its famous collection of contemporary art or discover true beauty behind science thanks to popular displays held in Science World.

What is worth remembering?

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