What are the typical costs you have to take into account when planning a trip to Canada?


Canada is a country full of contrasts, beautiful nature, rich history and colourful events, therefore it comes as no surprise that it is so popular among tourists.

Must-to-do before starting the trip

Some elements of a trip worth planning earlier. It will help you not only save money but also avoid some unpleasant surprises. Below you may find typical costs, which should be taken into consideration when planning a visit to Canada:
1. Transportation
Canada is a very big country, therefore when it comes to transportation it would be necessary to rent a car, which is possible for 30-80 CAD per day. When you plan to stay in the city, there is no problem, because most of them have genuinely planned and well-thought network of public transportation, which includes: metro (3 CAD for a ticket), trains (VIA Rail) and bus companies. When travelling with the use of public transportation, make sure that you have all your valuables in safe place, because there have been some incidents of theft.
2. Accommodation
Prices of accommodation may be very high but that depends which town you visit, which hotel you choose and in which part of the city you want to stay. Typically prices would be bigger around city centre. On average it ranges from 30 CAD for a hostel or a place in a dorm room or 65 CAD for a decent hotel room.
3. Food
Again, the cost of food is entirely up to you. Typically it ranges between 13 CAD per cheap meal in a bar to 34 CAD in a restaurant. If you want to cook your food, you will probably spend around 50-100 CAD in a week.
Remember that all these costs may be reduced by following some money-saving tips, the above prices are just for your information.

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