What things should you consider before planning a trip to Canada?


More and more tourists decide to spend their winter or summer vacations in countries of North America. With its beautiful views, various leisure centres and many historical attractions they are perfect destinations for families with children, students, nature lovers or thrill-seekers.

The exact travel plan ensures you peace and security

If you plan to visit Canada, you should thing about some important issues before starting your trip. Here you will find a few tips to remember:

1. Pick a places of your interest – Canada offers various tourist attractions, but important thing is to choose the ones that most appeal to you. Would you like to visit some of science centres of Toronto or Vancouver? Sports Olympic Centre in Calgary? One of famous aquariums? Or maybe see the historical sights? It is up to you.
2. Plan wisely – when planning your trip, try to take into consideration all aspects, such as: accommodation, means of transport, availability of chosen attractions during the time of your visit, proper clothes and the time you need to see all the places included in your trip plan. Of course, if you like spontaneous way of travelling you can do so, but it is much easier to enjoy the beautiful scenery if you have a clear outline of places you want to see.
3. Remember about insurance – always make sure that you have bought insurance. It is not that we wish something bad to happen to you, but accidents during travel are fairly common. The worst thing possible is to find yourself at the territory of foreign country with no help at all. Insurance is your safeguard in case of emergency.
4. Apply for an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) and check whether you meet all the requirements to enter the territory of Canada – list of countries which need eTA can be found online.


  1. Helena

    I have been planning my trip to Canada for 6 months. eTA can be received online thanks to the website http://etacanadaonline.com/. They will send you the valid document per e-mail in a few hours.

  2. Pavel

    Thanks a lot for your tips. You write about eTA. How can I get it? eTA Canada is a good idea? I’m not pretty sure about it.


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