Discover Australia

Discover Australia

Australia is one of the most popular countries of the world, visted by millions of tourists each year. Looking for more information about how to get to Australia, what to see there and where to stay you should first of all know how to it legally.


Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) – what’s that?

ETA is a document which allows the owner to stay in Australia for maximum three months at a time. During that time you can travel abroad and go back to Australia as often as you wish to but important thing is that validity period of your visa is twelve months and each visit can’t be longer that three months. ETA is similar to a traditional visa but it’s electronic and available 24 hours a day every single day od a week, all year long.


How do get ETA Australia– terms and conditions

ETA applications has to be done online and outside Australia. Before starting to fill your application online, check if you already completed all required documents because it will take much longer to get ETA if something will be missing.

Start with:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid credit card

If you’re not sure how to do that ask travel agent or your airline, they also can book ETA for their customers and you can be sure that will be prepared properly. Travelling with your family or a group of friends remember that each person should have his own ETA or visa and for each of them you need a separate application form.


Have fun!

It looks a bit scary but is not so fill documents, prepare your luggage and visit that beautiful country full of contrasts, great wine and specialised coffee shops J.


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