Kangaroo – here we come !

Kangaroo – here we come !

Australia is a country of dreams of many people. Being an Island gives a chhance for visitors to relax on one of beaches around it’s coastline, try to be a surfer or discover secrects of reefs as a diver. But before doing all that, all vistors need to fill some documents and get australian visa.

Some facts

Australia has more than 20 million people living there, the capital is Canberra – not so famous as Sydney that’s why some travellers make mistakes. Currency in Australia is an asutrallian dolar and there is one thing that has to be mentioned – Australia has three time zones which smth unusual.

Spare time

That country offers a lot of attractions for everybody from babies untill seniors. Long beaches for walks and buliding sands palaces, swimming, rollerblading and surfing. For those who loves mountains those are Australian Alps within the highest mountain is Mount Kosciuszko. Those mountains are great place for hiking during summer months and in a winter time perfect for those who loves to skiing.Kids will be delighted meeting kangaroos and their parents can taste a meat of kangaroo at one of traditional restaurants. Looking for a culture you should obviously visit opera in Sydney harbour -not only a buliding but one of performance.


Booking a flight ticket or buying a trip in a travel agency ask about Electronic Travel Authority (Visa Australia). They will help to fill documents and send them online. That type of australian visa in an online version and you will not get any stamp in your passport but you will not be allowed to stay in Australia without having that permission.


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