Looking for health and relax

Looking for health and relax

If you already know all spa’s in your city and you want to try something totaly different you should absolutely try one of Sri Lankan spa’s. Before go to that country fill documents online to get your Electronic Travel Authorisation called ETA Sri Lanka wich is visa for tourists valid for 6 months ( 30 days each time you travel to Sri Lanka). Tax fee depends of the region you live and it’s 20-50 US dollars. If you’ll take your kids than ETA it’s free for all of them under 12 yrs old.

Pure relax

Staying in a hotel close to the beach and amazing blue lagoons with crystal water, you’ll already feel relaxed but you can also choose specialized places to get something moe. One of them is Secret Root Spa – amazing place with therapist for all those who need help after all days long sitting in front of computer. It’s located just few minutes walk from one Mirissa Beach. Therapist use a wide range of natural oils and healing ingredients to make a massage. Another spa center is Heritance Kandalama Spa and it’s a luxury place in the middle of the wild jungle for very demandng clients, They offers massages and also yoga meetings outside, in the garden. Everybody needs that. Did you know that is also yoga –salsa? You’ll find it in Wave Flow Yoga. They have very good teachers practising yoga with clients on each level so everybody will find a place to be a part of a group and feel extremly relaxed after yoga classes on the beach. Amazing views are for free J. All those fabulous places are just waiting for you so feel free to come.


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